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Quietly nestled and spread throughout the hills of the Allegheny Plateau in New York State are many beehive colonies that provide us with pure and tasty honey full of nutrients. Our honey is diversified with the vast variety of vegetation and plants that are native to our region. Our honey ranges from very light honeys in the Early Spring (basswood), to Summer Wildflower and Fall Wildflower (dark, Japanese Knotweed (bamboo).

We pride ourselves in that everything is made in America.

Honey Bee Products
Pure Honey
Basswood Honey
Spring (Clover) Honey
Fall (Japanese Knotweed) Honey
Golden Rod Honey

Our Services Include:

Farm Pollination
Honey Bee Removal
Honey Bee Hive Hosting
Swarm Removal
Our Products Include:


Host a Honey Bee Hive – HoneyBeeMade

Wondering what it’s like to keep bees but don’t have the expertise, equipment or time? Host a honey bee hive.

Burt Beebe (Beekeeper)
Pine City, NY 14871
Call: (607) 481-3787
Text: (607) 481-3787

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