Beeswax Is Unique
Beeswax is a special material, something man is incapable of replicating. It is somewhat brittle at low temperatures, and soft and malleable at warmer temperatures. It starts to become soft around 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit; its melting point is between 143 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beeswax is a very stable material. Researchers and archaeologists have discovered beeswax thousands of years old (in pyramids for example) and pointed out very little deterioration, being nearly similar to beeswax that is produced today. Beeswax is insoluble in water, in fact it’s been brought up from ship wrecks after years under salt water and is still in good condition.

There are no artificial ingredients. Beeswax has been used in hundreds of products, including: candles, cosmetics, soap, potpourri, adhesives, lubricants, fly paper, furniture polish, and paint removers. It also has many uses, like: Easter Egg decorating, sculpting, lubricating of thread and nails, waxing bowstrings, coating on waffle irons, and many, many other craft uses.

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