In the beginning

Where does one begin when they start blogging? Anywhere, I guess. So, this begins the start of what I hope is blogging our adventure for HoneyBeeMade LLC.

The journey started when I wanted to start keeping honeybees, because I always wanted to. The time seemed right with my having every July and August off.


That was the Spring of 2016.


Beekeeping immediately became an addiction. I started with 2 colonies and slowly grew into what will be more than likely 100 colonies this summer (2022). Now… this adventure is a "we" thing. My wife the "guru" with managing money has joined in on what is now a full blown business and escapade. We sell a variety of local honey, honeybees, woodenware and services.


In the beginning we had no land. I had to ask friends and strangers who owned land if we could use a small spot for honeybees. I was surprised by the amount of people who wanted honeybees on their property, so much so that It was overwhelming and I had to stop going to so many properties as I could not keep up with all the travel and places to be.


We were in search for a piece of property (land only) and I knew location needed to be a huge factor, as they say it's all about location, location, location. Well, I had my eye on a piece of property in Big Flats, it was agricultural zoned on a highly travelled road with quite a bit of road frontage. So, being somewhat familiar with the owner who lived in New Jersey and the property was not up for sale at the time, I wrote a letter expressing our interest. His response came within a few days and we purchased the property on Route 352 in Big Flats on September 24, 2021 - we just had a street address assigned; 2981 Route 352 - Big Flats, NY. The address is so new that google has the location wrong, we're working on that.


To be continued….


-Burt Beebe

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