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Quietly nestled and spread throughout the hills of the Allegheny Plateau in New York State are many beehive colonies that provide us with pure and tasty honey full of nutrients. Our honey is diversified with the vast variety of vegetation and plants that are native to our region. Our honey ranges from very light honeys in the Early Spring (basswood), to Summer Wildflower and Fall Wildflower (dark, Japanese Knotweed (bamboo).

Honey Bee Products 
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  • Basswood Honey
    • Produced from the cream-colored Basswood blossoms found throughout North America. Light in color yet strong biting flavor and a distinctive lingering flavor.​
      Somewhat fresh, pleasant “woody” scent, fresh taste suggestive of green, ripening fruit.​ Very good with teas like Earl Grey and works well for salad dressings and marinades.
  • Summer (Clover) Honey
    • One of the most widely available and popular honey varieties.​ Packed with minerals, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese, as well as high levels of B vitamins, vitamin C, polyphenolic antioxidants, hydrogen peroxide, and calcium.​ Perfect ingredient for light sauces, salad dressings and baking.
  • Fall (Japanese Knotweed) Honey
    • Light and fruity yet richly flavored at the same time.​ The specific wildflowers from which the bees got the nectar to make this honey will turn the flavor more delicate or intense.​ Health benefits include its ability to increase energy levels, suppress allergic reactions, prevent chronic diseases, and improve the health of the skin, among others.
  • Golden Rod Honey
    • Nectar sourced from Goldenrod (member of the herb family) produces a distinct honey.​ Some categorize the smell of Goldenrod as a spicy smell, some suggest a faint licorice aroma.​ Eating local Goldenrod honey as part of a regular diet is a way to battle allergies.​ Goes wonderfully with biscuits, as well as a favorite for cooking.

Our Services Include:

  • Farm Pollination
  • Honey Bee Removal
  • Honey Bee Hive Hosting
  • Swarm Removal
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  • Crystallization
    • All pure honey crystallizes, its just a matter of time as to when it happens.
    • Crystallization is a natural and expected.
    • Crystallized Honey is not spoiled.
    • Pure honey will crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.
    • Believe it or not, the crystallization of honey essentially preserves the flavor and quality characteristics of honey.
    • Many consumers of honey prefer it crystallized as it is easier to spread on bread or toast.
    • Undeniably, some raw honey recipes can be easier to make with partially or fully-crystallized honey —and, the taste is richer.
    • Some honeys crystallize evenly; some will be partly crystallized and form two layers, with the crystallized layer on the bottom of the jar and a liquid on top.

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Wondering what it’s like to keep bees but don’t have the expertise, equipment or time? Host a honey bee hive.

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